Autriche lies in the heart of Europe. The Country is a top tourist destination and offers a perfect mix of nature, culture, tradition and innovation.



Vienna (1.670.452 inhabitants in 2007)


83 858 km²


8.316.487 inhabitants in 2007





Time zone

UTC +1. Summer time applies.


German is the official language. In some areas there are small minorities speaking Croatian, Hungarian and Slovenian.


Catholic. About 10% of the population is Lutheran, whereas 5% is Muslim.

Entry requirements

Passport and visa are not necessary for European citizens. A valid identity card is sufficient. Most of European driving licenses are accepted.

Travelling with pets

Small sized pets like cats, dogs and ferrets must travel with an animal passport (in force since 2004) and have an identification microchip or tattoo. Also, they must be vaccinated against rabies.

Health and safety

Both private and public health structures are excellent.
No vaccination is required. In some areas in proximity of woods and forests there is a remote risk to catch encephalitis through tick’s bite. It is advisable to bring the magnetic card for health assistance. General safety is good, there are no danger zones.


Autriche enjoys a continental climate: winters are cold (temperatures can go down several degrees below zero), and they are often rainy and snowy. Summers are rather short and mild, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 degrees.

Form of Government

Federal parliamentary Republic.


Autriche is a high industrialised Country, characterised by a structured market economy. The main sectors are chemical, mechanics, automobile, heavy industry (steel above all).
Agriculture (sugar beetroots, cereals, vineyards and fruit trees) is also good developed, as well as animal breeding (especially bovines). Tourist industry is well organised and represents a fundamental resource for the economy.


Voltage: 230 V – Frequency: 50 Hz

Posts, banks and telephone

Post offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 am and from 14 pm to 18 pm. Those situated in proximity of train stations in the biggest cities are also open in the evening and on holidays.
Banks are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12.30 am and from 13.30 to 15 pm. In some tourist resorts they are also open from 14 to 16.30 pm. On Thursdays banks often stay open until 17.30 pm. Mobile phone coverage is excellent.
Country code: 0043
Useful numbers
Firemen : 122
Police: 133 and 112
Ambulance: 144
Road assistance OeAMTC Tel. 120 24 h service all over the Country [nggallery id=43]