Kosovo (or Cossovo) is an independent province of Serbia, directly administrated by the United Nations. After a troubled period of civil wars and ethnic issues, this territory is now trying to pick itself up and re-launch its economy starting with tourism, with the support of several humanitarian associations.



Pristina (560.000 in 2000)


10.887 km²


2.200.000 in 2006




Euro. In some territories with Serbian majority the Serbian dinaro is still in use.

Time zone

UTC +1


Serbian and Albanian


Muslim, with Catholic and Orthodox minorities

Entry requirements

A valid passport with residual validity of at least 6 months is required. Visa is not necessary. For more info visit the website: http://www.unmikonline.org/regulations/2005/RE2005_16.pdf.
Most of European driving licenses are accepted, with annexed Green Card.

Travelling with pets

At the moment there isn’t a specific regulation regarding the admission of pets. It is however advisable to bring with you the health certification.

Health and safety

Both private and public health structures are very poor, and the paramedic personnel is not sufficiently trained. The usual medicaments can be easily found, while it is a bit more difficult to find specialised pharmacists. Upon medical prescription it is recommendable to get a vaccination against tetanus, typhus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B. Be careful to tick bites. General safety is pretty un steady. We recommend to plan a trip with the utmost care, and to take all necessary precautions during your stay.


Kosovo enjoys a continental climate, with hot summers (generally between 25° and 35°C) and cold winters (with temperatures between -5° and +5°C) .

Form of government

On 17th February 2008 Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Serbia, even though Serbia has always rejected this state of things. Currently Kosovo is a parliamentary republic under the International Protectorate UNMIK.


The state economy is one of the poorest in Europe. The level of industrialization is weak, though there have been some progresses in commerce and building. Tourism is nearly inexistent. An important support to the economy is given by the flux of money coming from Kosovan people living and working abroad.


Voltage: 220 V, frequency 50 Hz. It is advisable to bring an adapter. Mobile phone coverage is quite good.
Country code: 0038 1 38
Useful numbers:
Police: 92, from mobile phones: 112
First aid: 94
Firemen: 93 [nggallery id=28]