The Principality of Andorre is a small undiscovered State set between France and Spain.



Andorre la Vella (24.035 inhabitants in 2006)


468 km²


72.320 (in 2006)




Euro (even if the Country is not a Member State of the European Union)

Time zone

UTC +1. Summer time applies.


Catalan; French and Spanish are widely spoken



Entry requirements

Passport and visa are not necessary for European citizens. A valid identity card is sufficient. Most of European driving licenses are accepted.

Travelling with pets

Pets must travel with a certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian between 2 and 8 days prior to departure.

Health and safety

Public health structures are good. No vaccination is necessary. General safety is good, there are no danger zones.


The Principality enjoys a typical mild climate, with cold snowy winters and moderately hot summers.

Form of government

Parliamentary co-principality. There are two heads of the State: Nicolas Sarkozy (France Prime Minister ) and Joan Enric Vives i Sicilia.


Andorre is one of the world’s offshore paradises, and enjoys a prosperous economy based on tourism and the tertiary sector. Only 2% of the soil is suitable for cultivations, therefore agriculture is limited and the majority of products must be imported. Animal breeding is good, especially ovine, whereas the industrial sector revolves around the manufacture of cigarettes, cigars and furniture.


Voltage: 125V or 220V, frequency 50 Hz . It is advisable to bring an adaptor.

Posts, banks and telephone

Tthe national post service is free, while the international service is shared with France and Spain. Banks are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 13 pm. Mobile phone coverage is excellent.
Country code: 00376
Road assistance: 860366 [nggallery id=33]