Situated in the heart of continental Europe, Germany is a cosmopolitan country, rich of history, art and culture, with a lot of attractions even for the most exigent tourists.



Berlin (3.213.271 in 2008)


357.023 km²


82.438.000 in 2007





Time zone

+1 GMT, but – 1 on the Canaries Islands. Winter time applies.


German. English, French and Danish are also spoken.


Catholic and Protestant

Entry requirements

Neither passport nor visa are required for European citizens of the Member States. A valid identity card is sufficient. Most of the European driving licenses are accepted.

Travelling with pets

Small sized pets like cats, dogs and ferrets must travel with animal passport (in force since 2004) and have an identification microchip or tattoo. Also, they must be vaccinated against rabies.

Health and safety

Both private and public health structures are excellent. No vaccination is required. It is advisable to bring the magnetic card for health assistance. General safety is good, there are no danger zones.


Germany is characterised by a temperate and rather heterogeneous climate (with winters partially made milder by the influence of humid winds blowing from West). Toward North and East the climate tends to be milder, especially in the plains near Holland and in the regions on the North Sea, where climate is typically oceanic.

Form of government

Parliamentary federal Republic


Germany is the first European economic power. German economy is mainly based on heavy industry, especially steel, automobile, machine and chemical industry. Despite a harsh climate and a difficult territorial asset, agriculture is well developed, as well as travel industry, which ensures important incomes for the State.


Voltage: 230 V – Frequency: 50 Hz. In Germany the standard plug is of F type (“Schuko”, shortening of “Schutzkontakt”), whereas the C type (“Euro-Stecker”) is used for low frequency appliances. Wall sockets are rare.

Post offices, banks and telephone

Post offices in Germany are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 18 pm, on Saturday from 8 am to 12 am. In the main railway stations and airports opening times are extended and post offices are open also on Sunday. Banks are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 16.30 pm no stop (Thursday until 17.30).
Cellular coverage is excellent.
Country code: 0049 + local city number without 0.
Emergency numbers: 110 e 112 [nggallery id=64]