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New York
New York

New York is the largest city in the USA and one of the world’s most populous urbanised areas. I

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New York and Brazil
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In just 5 steps you can book your ferry for the most important Mediterranean destinations such as Sardinia, Ischia, Corsica, Elba Island, Spain, Balearic Islands, Sicily, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia and many others.

The reservation system is easy, fast and secure and allows you to ending , prices and availability of 24 shipping companies and to use bids , Rate and discounts .

You can choose among some 300 shipping lines and for your last minute holidays you can book last minute ferry.

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Auto Europe is a leader in car rental. The service covers more than 7000 locations worldwide at wery good prices. With Auto Europ it's possible to rent cars, luxury cars, caravans or car with driver.

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Low Price Cruises

QCNS Cruise is a tour operator ounded in 2005.
It's specializing ship cruises, river cruises and railway cruises. QCNS Cruise and it's agents will be able to advice you for finding the cruise that respond to your desires and to your budget.

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In times such as these, the escape is the only means to sustain your life and allows you to keep on dreaming

(H. Laborit)

Dedicated to all those who are running away

(Mediterraneo, 1990) has been devided with one simple aim: to provide practical, dynamic and reliable guides for the ever increasing number of travellers and tourists who every day visit the various European cities.
Our guides have been created to clearly and briefly supply the main information needed when planning a trip.
The pages have easy to identify sections for each place and always tell you: the "must-see" attractions/monuments (and then those to see if you have more time), how to get to and around the city, the best hotels, a map of the area, some suggestions on where and what to eat and useful practical information to help you get your bearings right from the start.
The basic philosophy used in compiling this information is an attempt to give a “taste" of both the attractions and atmosphere of the city.
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